Dreaming Teacher
Sarah Jane Palmer 
BA (hons) MA (hons), IYNT.​​​​​​​
Sarah is a conscious dream practitioner and researcher, artist and teacher with a life time experience of self taught lucid dream practice. She has been on a journey of discovery and healing through various disciplined practices and training including; Lucid Dreaming & Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep, Hatha Yoga and Yoga Nidra (Meditation of conscious sleep and dreaming). She has studied the art of lucid dreaming with Robert Waggoner at The Seth Educational Institute and with Charlie Morley at The Awake Academy, Advanced Metaphysics with Louis Franco (CDHR). She is currently studying a Diploma in Dream Psychology and Dream Therapy and has recently completed her studies at the Independent Yoga Nidra Network as a certified Total Yoga Nidra (TYN) teacher and facilitator. 
Sarah is passionate about the practice of dreaming, attaining a Bachelor of Arts and a Masters Degree in Fine Art with distinction with a focus on dreaming, altered states of consciousness, memory and the power of the imagination within various artistic practices. She works as a professional multi-disciplinary artist, designer and conscious dreaming teacher and facilitator. Her artwork and teachings explore the depths of human consciousness, the nature of personal reality, metaphysics, dreaming, perceptions, illusions, patterns and storytelling. She has 15 years experience teaching and facilitating both adults and children to develop creativity through various art forms and practices.
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