Art of Dreaming II: Navigating the Dream
Observing The Dream Prerequisite: Art of Dreaming 1. or if you feel you have good recall or have had a lucid dream. This course we will expand and explore in depth the following more advanced dreaming practices:
✯ The art of conscious dreaming, lucid dreaming and dreaming awake
✯ Awakening the observer in day & night time dreaming
✯ Practical exercises for sustaining full awareness within the dream
✯ Healing sexual energy & working with breath to activate dreaming
✯ Exploring the difference between lucid dreaming and out of body experiences
✯ Working with the shadow, embracing the nightmare to become lucid
✯ Identifying dream thought forms, dream characters & independent consciousness 
✯ Introduction to shared and mutual dreaming techniques
USD 72
GBP 54
TL 528 

Repeaters 50%
By 1st May Early Bird 10%
 If booking all 3 courses 5%
(Language of Dreaming, Art of Dreaming 1 and 2)
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