"Symbols of the self arise from the depths of the body"
C.G. Jung

Online seminar exploring the language of dreams. Learn to discover the important messages they hold. Like learning any new language, it just takes practice. Our dreams are like poetry and often seem ridiculous, disconnected, irrelevant, confusing, at times funny, sometimes scary and bizarre. What if they are actually a form of communication and hold important information required for our personal and spiritual growth?

When working with your dreams and learning the art of dream recall, it can seem a difficult task in the beginning, ​​​​​​​as they seem to make no sense. logic and reason cannot understand the language of dreams. What we are actually doing is learning a new language, the language of our own personal symbology filled with metaphors, idioms, archetypes and mythology structured by our experiences from the day. There are many ways to approach developing this new form of communication and with this online seminar you will learn some practical ways you can form a greater understanding of the language of your dreams and start to get the important messages they hold. 
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USD 24 
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TL 450

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