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My name is Sarah and I am an artist, teacher and a dreamer. Since childhood, I often find myself fully aware that I am dreaming and able to have a conscious interaction within the dream. This is not necessarily an uncommon phenomena but quite often as we grow older this lucid dreaming ability can fade or we can end up not remembering our dreams at all. This awareness in dreaming comes in waves depending on what is happening in my life and I have discovered that I can work to reactivate this ability through practice. 
In my early 30's I started having spontaneous experiences where I would fall asleep with full awareness and I wasn't sure what was happening as these experiences were also coupled with sleep paralysis and false awakenings, often 3-4 times waking into another dream. This led me on a journey of research and discovery, looking into ancient dream practices and discovering that these experiences were recognised and encouraged states in which to grow and develop awareness. For me this was happening randomly and spontaneously so I decided to see if I could train myself to induce these states at will. I embarked on a journey to develop a disciplined meditation practice and specific daily yoga practice only to discover that indeed, it is possible to consciously induce these states of awareness within the dream.
These incredible dream experiences have always delighted and fascinated me and increase my sense of well-being and joy. I have explored and used the realm of dreaming to inspire my creative practice as a professional artist and designer for over 15 years of my career. My dreams have helped me solve creative design problems, face my darkest fears, solve relationship problems, raising awareness of my unconscious patterns and beliefs and often offer solutions and a space to rehearse certain new ways of being in waking. More importantly, to have fun when I need it most, rehearse incredible dance moves and roller skating stunts that defy gravity. This is an experience of true joy and liberation and I aim to help others experience this kind of relationship with dreaming too, if they choose.
Through this journey I have learnt a new language, the language of my dreams. Because I have observed and experienced the transformative power of dreaming, I have dedicated my time to creating and offering some unique online dream workshops, seminars and creative dreaming retreats. 
These courses focus on ways to activate dream recall, developing a relationship with the dream, learning the language of dreaming and learning practical exercises to work consciously with dreaming. I merge my own experiences of dreaming with techniques and practices known from around the world and other teachers and researchers in the field of dreaming, combined with information and guidance from the dream state itself.
I am excited to announce that I have received Arts Council funding to explore, research and develop my creative art practice relating to the art of dreaming, vision and sight loss. 
Starting in June 2021 and running for 1 year, I will be exploring and collaborating with scientific researchers of dreams and sleep, lucidity, shared dreaming and pre-cognitive insight from the dream state. Further developing the practice of yoga nidra and dream incubation to induce creative exploration and dream up new ideas, and projects to create positive change. The project will also be looking to form future collaborations with researchers and members at the IASD International Association for the Study of Dreams and various sleep and dream labs around the world. 
2021 - 22 
A Monthly
Journey Through Dreaming
Starting on 19th January 2021, hosted by 'The Long Talk' I am offering a 12 month dream incubation journey. In 2019 I travelled up the Nile through Egypt on a journey through the temples and to the Great Pyramid at Giza. During this trip and since arriving home I have had many dreams and a new inspiration for teaching and sharing dreaming practices. My passion is to help people reconnect with their dreams, develop dream recall and learn the language of their own dream symbology with this beautiful language of poetry and art. 
This new dream incubation journey is inspired by the ideas that have come through dreaming and by the journey along the Nile. In this journey we will travel through the archetypal energies connected to the 12 constellations of the zodiac, bringing awareness to how they are mirrored through our relationships, in life and within the personality. Starting in January with the archetype of Capricorn. The topic for the first month is 'Initiate', to begin the journey. You can drop into any month or attend every session. ​​​​​​​
For this journey we will be traveling around the zodiac wheel, the image above appeared in a dream, an eye, with myself, the pupil, standing in the middle looking out to the stars around me. This is the main inspiration for this course 'Dream Journey', dreaming through the archetypes for a deeper awareness of the self through the practice of Dream Incubation. ​​​​​​​
Listen to your heart and if this resonates join Sarah on this magical journey through dreaming the archetypes of the zodiac, including information on monthly astronomical and astrological activities and ancient dream incubation practices to align with the stars, to find coherence within.
For booking contact me or Filiz on:
Whatsapp Filiz: +90 5325902537 ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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