'Nightmares and Sleep Paralysis'

English with Turkish translation

Have you ever had a nightmare that seemed so real you were too scared to go back to sleep? 

Or have you dreamt something terrifying was sitting on your chest in bed and you were unable to move or scream? 
These night-time terrors are what makes up our nightmares and often lead into something called sleep paralysis and can be the main reason we choose not to remember our dreams. Behind these frightening experiences are the gifts that can change our lives, heal past wounds and gain greater self awareness.

Join Sarah and discover the gifts behind nightmares and sleep paralysis to awaken in the dream. 
On zoom:
28th March 6:30 - 8pm
31st March 6:30 - 8pm
For booking contact: hande.sezer@outlook.com 
USD 24 
GBP 20
TL 450
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