"Sarah’s Dream Course helped me in several ways. I rarely remembered dreams and I thought that was normal. I had no clue there were ways to recall dreams. Though I was receptive to the idea that dreams were important, I didn’t have a clue about how to utilize my dreams for guidance. In the last few months, I had two dreams that came out to be true, I also experienced dreaming within a dream while being conscious about it. Looking forward to having more wonderful experiences with Sarah’s guidance."

Seden Akcinaroglu, Turkey
"Although I have already been in the presence of Sarah when she was discussing her work within the Dreamworld, I hadn't quite realised the importance. Nor the unlimited creativity of using dreams to help resolve personal issues still appearing in my reality. Sarah's enthusiasm for her subject is catching; I had ideas straight away of how dreams could help me. The content provided is valuable to refer to and from the numerous books that she recommended, she has researched her subject intensely. Above all, Sarah is a joy to be around, thank you."

Helen Taylor, U.K
For the Dream Work Individual 1-1 Session, Sarah combines her extensive knowledge and personal experience of dreaming with a gentle warmth, a sense of humour and genuine enthusiasm to create a really enjoyable, safe learning experience. The session was very well prepared, mixing appropriate theory and background information with lots of opportunity to explore my dream.  She provided me with a structure that I have since been able to use very effectively on my own dreams.

Claire Mitchell, Germany

“Sarah is a true inspiration and a powerful dreamer.  Joining her classes helped me to discover and incorporate with my dream world . Before that I had no idea of the interconnectedness of my world and my dreams.  My dreams become vivid, and I start to discover the symbology as well as the guidance in my dreams. I’m still learning and discovering and feel like a missing part is completed in my life. Highly suggest you to take her classes and wake up into your dreams.” 

Zarife Quinn, United States
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