1-1 sessions
Personal Dream Exploration

With these 1-1 sessions I facilitate and guide you to gain your own insights b y walking through the stages of dream interpretation, enabling you to develop your own unique understanding of the symbology in your dream, from your perspective. I am not a therapist so if you are have a sleep disorder or suffering with PTSD please seek professional support from a recommended sleep disorder clinic. 
'For the 'Dream Exploration' 1-1 Session, Sarah combines her extensive knowledge and personal experience of dreaming with a gentle warmth, a sense of humour and genuine enthusiasm to create a really enjoyable, safe learning experience. The session was very well prepared, mixing appropriate theory and background information with lots of opportunity to explore my dream.  She provided me with a structure that I have since been able to use very effectively on my own dreams'.

Claire, Germany 🇩🇪
With these 1-1 sessions, you learn how to become empowered to work independently with your dreams. 

1 hour session:

50 GBP
57 Euro
60 USD
1132 TL

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