Have you recently felt a call to work more consciously with your dreams?

From having many conversations with people around the world It seems that recently a lot of people are being called to listen more to their dreams. Whatever stage you are at with dreaming, this course will provide you with some of the powerful tools to remind, support and prepare you to work more consciously with your dreams and ignite awareness within the dream state for 2023.

Join me on a journey to awaken the observer into the dream realm. This is a journey of self mastery into the art of dreaming. Observing the dream and the dreamer is also a wonderful reminder for those who have already been working with their dreams and would like to be part of a community of dreamers sharing our experiences and practices together. This immersive 21 day journey is preparation  for a self-led dream practice, full of exercises to awaken the dreamer and ignite a relationship with the wisdom of the dream and the dreamer. 

This course is in English with Turkish translation.

22nd, 29th January, 5th, 12th Feb 
11am - 2pm London
2pm-5pm Istanbul 

USD  72
GBP 60
Euro 68
TL 1353

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